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Our Featured Streamers & Podcasters for 2019! 

From Cosplay guests and gaming live streamers to industry professionals across the board, here is a preview of the wonderful talent coming our way to Next Level Expo 2019! Make sure to also check out our Guest:

JustinAgent is a Twitch affiliated music streamer from Des Moines, Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State with degrees in Public Relations & Music in 2015, he continued his performing career on Twitch and enjoys discussing the joy and art of live Streaming with his community. 

Justin will be one of our featured streamers at the Live Streaming Roundtable Panel.

Bryan AKA R-Synist The Gamers Gamer
Player of all games. Master of none. 

Bryan is one of the two original founders of Noobs And Pros. He comes from a console gaming background which began with the Sega Master System when he was 4 or 5 years old. Now with 30 years of gaming under his belt he is looked as one of the "Old Heads" in gaming. 

Bryan is one who has never been afraid to look or sound stupid for others enjoyment. So you never know what to expect from him. 

"My name is Josh LeJeune also known as ModernDayPirates. I am a Mixer Partnered streamer!

My Instagram channel is MDPgaming"

Josh will be one of our featured streamers at the Live Streaming Roundtable Panel.

An anime podcast that gives you so much more than just reviews. Trash Pandas Watch Anime is a podcast that will give you news and discussion that is relevant to Japan and Nerd Culture, as well as some weird things that have happened. Join these three Trash Pandas as they dig through the trash so you don't have to.

"Noobs And Pros" are a family of gamers sponsored by Microsoft that just want to have a good time while gaming. Together, they hope to build a community of people to play with on both a casual and competitive level, and they have been prominent figures in both streaming and tournament hosting in Iowa. 

Look for their "Battlegrounds" events in Des Moines, subscribe to their streams, and catch the action live at Next Level Expo 2019! 

"Hello! My name is Zack, I'm a former college athlete for my hometown college and I love gaming! I'm a jock, nerd, and country boy all rolled into one. I hunt, fish, love sports and participate in nerdy sports like Belegarth (ask me about my great sword). The Goal for this channel is to grow a community of positive people who enjoy gaming. So come hang out and lets chat and play some Games!"

Visit ZAXSavvy at the Live Streaming Roundtable panel.

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