Gateway Hotel & Conference Center

Ames, IA 50010

Tel: 515-663-6963

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Gaming & eSports

From arcades to VR and everything eSports in-between!

We're partnering with Midwest eSports and our guest streamers to provide a fully-loaded gaming paradise. Join us in the arcade room to try your hand at the classics, load into your choice of virtual reality experience, or duel it out on dozens of consoles and PCs available all day long.


Several tournaments will be hosted throughout the day with sweet prizes on the line--check out the tentative roster below! (*More games will possibly be added; stay tuned! Side tournament submissions are still open if you want to host your own event.)


**Some of the higher stakes tournaments will require a separate entry fee; please see Midwest eSports' tournament page to learn the specific rule sets of each game and register in advance!